A weekend with friends outside of Athens in 2001 was enough to make sense of what I already knew before I even turned 18.
Getting my first piercings done on friends, was the beginning and confirmation of my involvement in body modification. Having already piercings and some tattoos I started learning, searching and experimenting first with myself and then with relatives and acquaintances. The culmination of my efforts came in 2003 when after a few thousand piercings I decided to open the Dildo Studio.

At a time when tattoo and piercing shops were really few, technical advice was limited, the tools of our industry were scarce and the internet, my persistence, will and passion for this profession were the elements that helped me to evolve and establish myself.

Through endless hours of tattooing I ended up dealing with realistic Black & Gray and Full Color designs, adding my personal touches with emphasis on Illusion and abstract techniques.

Expression, creation and interaction with the world is one of the greatest pleasures offered by my work. But the extra motivation to move forward is the smiles I see of our customers when they leave Dildo Tattoo Studio.

Inside Dildo we have created a strong team of people with talent and love for tattoo, piercing and body modification but also a great appetite for teasing, laughter and good mood.