Put salty water on a cotton bud and clean gently around the piercing,without taking the piercing off for at least 5 times per day for one month.

1 time per day or two clean the piercing with hudrogen peroxide and remove all the dirts, blood and pus.Do this for about three weeks.(attention: use the one from the pharmacy, not the one for hair bleaching).

Attention: The piercing must not come in contact with dirty clothes, or touch it with dirty hands. Always wash your hands prior to cleaning and do not let it touch anything that has come in contact with animals. Do not bathe in in hot water and wash it thoroughly when you put soap on it so that it does not get irritated. Also do not go to the swimming pool for a month. You may change the piercing after 2-3 weeks. Under no circumstances ever put alcohol on it, for it dries too much and irritates the piercing. The piercing might get swelled, bleed, have pus, or gets bruised for the first 5-7 days. Be careful not to hit it by mistake and hurt it.
Salty water: To make it properly, boil a glass of water and add 5-6 big spoons of salt in it. Stir it well, put it in a bottle and let it get cold. Every time you are about to use it, shake it. This amount is a lot so you don’t need to make more until it is healed.
You may add some chamomile in the water when you are boiling it, to use it as a disinfectant and help the healing process even more. If you make it this way though, the water is just for one use.

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