Humour is one of my biggest motivational elements that overwhelm me and give me the need to express my aesthetics.
Looking at the few tattoos I had, I said: “Why not?” And so I ran to my friend Tzenio asking him anything and everything about how I could get started. From experimenting on friends and later on as a member of the Dildo family I made my first steps in the tattoo industry.
I love old-school and introducing (as often as I’m allowed to) Greek words.

My style is a bit unique, light and playful, with emphasis mainly on the Greek repertoire, but also inspired by the more American-traditional.

The Dildo crew is a team with strong players and fans but also a with a family story that embraces us all.

Every day whether in the studio or not, I’m fighting with my colleague men-friends. However, I always get to have the last say as I am the shop’s lady. Our vibes and energy are filled with joy, tease and laughter.

If I’m chilling outside of work, most likely I’m walking with my pets, doing sports or just enjoying good wine.