Our first steps

Located in the centre of the southern suburbs, in Palaio Faliro, Dildo Tattoo Studio offers high-quality tattoo and body modification (body piercing, microdermals, implants, branding & scarification) in its energetic and stylish space.

At Dildo Tattoo Studio we made our first steps in the field as early as March 2003. The first tattoo artist and body piercer is the studio initiator Jenio Pirigents who decided to create the place after his 3 years of successful experience in the field of tattooing and body piercing.

We cover all tattoo styles

Our main motivation for the birth of ​​Dildo Tattoo Studio was to provide professional and fully specialized services at affordable prices, coupled with our enormous love and artistic interest in tattoo & body piercing.

Our studio got its distinctive name because of the tremendous interest was shown by its first visitors to the dildos that decorated the studio and showed the possible ways for genital piercings! Over the years and Dildo has gradually acquired three other key tattoo artists. So we now cover with great speciality all the tattoo styles from Realistic Black & Grey and Traditional Maori to Classic Old School, Japanese and Dot Work – Black Work. We also have the opportunity to co-create any custom design based on your needs and taste as well as choosing from a wide range of flash tattoos.

After many Greek and international awards in tattoo conventions, we continue to travel the world to search for experiences, ideas and techniques, with the aim of constantly evolving to maintain the quality of service provided to ensure your complete satisfaction.
So, with our tremendous experience in the field, the desire for evolution, the love, the dedication, the clean and well-equipped environment, as well as the positive energy and mood, we offer an experience that our customers characterize as special and unique at all stages of their visit!


Mon – Fri 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday – Closed

Δευ – Παρ 11:00 – 20:00
Σαββάτο 11:00 – 17:00
Κυριακή Κλειστά


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Nefelis 10, Paleo Faliro 175 64, Greece

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Working Hours

Mon – Fri – 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday –  11:00 – 17:00
Sunday Closed





Nefelis 10, Paleo Faliro 175 64, Greece