From a very young age, design, colours and painting have been a big part of my life.


Growing up I was looking for a way to include them in my everyday life. At the same time, the field of piercing and tattooing began to impress me, as it was adding colour to my life.

I first dealt with ink in 2008. After passing through Dildo’s shop reception, it was time to take action with needles and colours. So I asked my brother Tzenio to make my first test, and I tattooed myself!!! Immediately I realized that tattooing was the field I wanted to be in.

Through steady steps, concentration, dedication, experimentation with different kinds and styles, I soon came to see that the style that allows me to better express my creativity is blackwork-dotwork.

I mainly work on custom mandala and freehand traditional ornamental. I consider it a very special tattoo style since it is a real jewel for the body as it follows the lines and curves of the body. The best way to get the result of this kind is to be designed directly on the body. The mandala hides an entire ideology that I seem to gradually understand so that I can successfully attribute it to my designs. Mandala also symbolizes an understanding of the essence.

Nature and animals are my main source of inspiration, elements that fascinate me in particular. A particular challenge for my work is to adapt my ideas and suggestions to the preferences and tastes of my customers. My main goal is that they all leave with a big smile, carrying a piece of me forever on them.

The times that I’m not in the tattoo shop you will most likely find me in the park playing with my dogs or snowboarding in the mountain of Parnassus.