Love, concentration and persistence are the elements that drive me and I consider them vital for any tattoo artist.
I have been working on the art of tattooing since 2007 at Dildo Tattoo Studio, where I was already working as a receptionist. The initial urge to get started came from my cousin and inspirer of the studio Tzenio, but I owe it to my friend Petros who, without any experience of my own, insisted and eventually got my first tattoo.

Trust from friends and colleagues helped me to continue, evolve and devote myself to it. Trying all these years different styles and techniques I have now distinguish my favourite styles: Black & Gray, Maori, Geometric and Dotwork.

I am really into FreeHand designs as they enable me to move freely and creatively. That is why in my free time I like the painting. I am delighted that over the years the Dildo Studio team is constantly growing and giving everyone the chance to become a better artist.

Peace & Love